DIY Home Remodel: It’s Not That Easy

“Fixer Upper,” “Rehab Addict,” and other TV shows make DIY home remodels look simple. Plus, when you can pin DIY tutorials on Pinterest, it may seem like it’s almost too easy. But, have you ever tried to do a DIY?

gabapentin 300 mg for dogs where to buy from Nearly two-thirds of homeowners who’ve attempted DIY house projects say they regret not calling in an expert on at least one of their projects.

Why Do People Choose The DIY Route?

Saving money is the main reason people take on a DIY project. On average, homeowners say they hope to save at least 60% in costs by bypassing a professional.

DIY Attempts Falling Short?

On average, homeowners report attempting eight house projects themselves. And, one-third admit to hiring a professional redo the job.

The project homeowners most regret attempting themselves is installing floor tiles–particularly in the master bath.

55% of DIYers say their project took longer to complete than expected. The same amount of homeowners say their finished DIY projects didn’t look as good as they had hoped.

After reading these statistics, do you think you’ll be completing a DIY soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or shoot us a message.

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