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Huntington Beach Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

  • Shallee and Diggy Riley

    We were so fortunate and blessed to have Steve Rakhshani represent us in the sale of our townhome, in December 2018. When my wife Shallee and I ran into Steve and his son Rhett in August, it was nice to see them because we had not talked in many years. Our sons played roller hockey together when they were younger, and Steve and I grew up together in Huntington Beach, as well as played in the worship band at Stonebridge Church.

    When we decided it was time to sell our place, we called Steve and he was at our place the next day. Within 10 days, Steve had a solid buyer for our place. We could not believe it and were so thrilled to say the least. When we think about our experience with Steve, the bottom line is that he was extremely professional and honest. It didn’t matter the time of day, or the day itself, Steve was there for us to make the selling process one that made us feel so comfortable. He would answer our calls late at night and he even went as far as to show up on Saturdays and Sundays while crucial football games were on with the local teams playing. Now that is dedication to your job!

    When we started looking at homes to buy, again Steve was there for us every step of the way. What we really liked was that Steve knew exactly what we were looking for in a home and he made it his top priority to find the perfect home for us. When we found what we felt was that perfect home, Steve showed us the house several times and helped us understand all that entailed on buying it. When we were outbid, it was time to find another home, and there was Steve, again doing everything in his power to help us.

    In less than a week Steve found another home, which we eventually bought. However, there were some concerns by us due to the fact that the purchase of the home was contingent upon us selling our place first. There were 3 other cash offers in addition to ours. Steve came up with a brilliant idea. He asked us to write a letter to the sellers introducing ourselves and what it would mean to us if they accepted out offer, contingency and all. It turned out the be the icing on the cake, the main reason they took our offer. The sellers loved our letter, and without Steve suggesting to us to write it, we most likely would not be in this house today.

    From the start to the end, Steve was a class act agent and represented in a truly professional manner. Without Steve, we would not be in the house of our dreams today. Looking back on that day when we ran into Steve and his son at Ace Hardware, we know it was an appointment by God, and little did we know that appointment would lead us into a beautiful home here in Huntington Beach.

  • Jasmine Wilson

    “Purchasing a home for the first time is an exciting, yet daunting experience. Fortunately for my husband and I, we had Steve as our realtor. Steve helped us purchase our first home during the height of a sellers market; despite our weak purchasing power. He presented homes to us that met our criteria and were well within our budget, doing so allowed us to have competitive offers. Steve thoroughly researched the homes he would show us. If he didn’t know the area well, he would get in contact with someone who did. That level of attention to detail is hard to come by. Even after our offer was accepted Steve continued to provide us with excellent customer service. Our home buying situation was unique in that we purchased the home as is. During the home inspection some problems were revealed. I initially didnt want to trouble the seller to fix any of the issues, but Steve was very confident in being able to work out a deal. We moved forward with his plan and the sellers made the repairs! I was shocked, but not surprised. I knew we had an amazing realtor who was skillful in working negotiations. We are so grateful to have had a near perfect buying experience thanks to Steve!”

  • Julie Rochette

    "We grew up one house apart from each other in Huntington Beach and enjoyed being raised in such a wonderful community. Sadly we were at a time in our lives that we needed to sell my parents home as my Father had passed away and my Mom was in a care home. We knew the right person to help us would be Steve as he has lived in Huntington Beach almost his entire life and is familiar with the area and what real estate was priced at. With Steve's capable guidance we readied the house and put it on the market. The house sold within weeks all due to his diligence and knowledge of the real estate market. It was actually an enjoyable experience without any hiccups plus it gave us the opportunity to reconnect with Steve and his wife Joan. My husband Blake is a C.P.A. and has his own practice and we also co-own a medical supply company so we know how time is a very valuable commodity and appreciate all that Steve did to expedite the transaction. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing a very friendly, kind and capable real estate agent."